Renegade Steel Team Members

The bullpen at Renegade Steel is made up of a tight-knit team of like minded individuals who not only believe in the product we are selling, but also understand the value of the customers to whom we are selling that product. At Renegade Steel, no one is merely a number or a contract. We are sincerely grateful for the alliances we build with our clients, our industry partners, and the other team members. Bringing far more to the table than a positive attitude and a wealth of integrity, Renegade Steel team members offer over 50 years combined experience in the steel building industry. Add to that a number of key members who boast solid customer service backgrounds and entrepreneurial spirits, and we believe we’ve built a really well-rounded team. We think you’ll agree!

Kevin Welch Kevin Welch –Founder/President

Phone: 706.654.3100
Cell: 678.878.1173
As the Lead Renegade, Kevin brings over a decade’s worth of experience in the steel building industry with solid focuses on sales and operations. He launched Renegade Steel at the beginning of 2010 and has carefully constructed an experienced and knowledgeable team of sales professionals who share a dedication to their customers and their craft. In doing so, Renegade Steel’s business tripled during the first three years of operation as it serves a diverse clientele from the beaches of Florida to the hills of California.
[showhide type=”post” more_text=”+Read More” less_text=”-Show Less” hidden=”yes”]Professional Philosophy: “The Golden Rule still applies! My sales team and I always treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. We also do what we say we’re going to do. That’s a lost art in this day and age, but one we are committed to.”
What I Like Most About Renegade Steel: “I love what I do for a living and who I do it with! I believe in the product we’re selling. I enjoy servicing my customers and building relationships. And I have a blast working with a great group of people. I’m proud of what we’ve built together and what we’re continuing to build.”
Pet Peeves: Tardiness; Disorganization; Laziness or Lack of Effort
Favorite Things: “MY GIRLS – my wife and daughters get every bit of my time when I’m not in the office. I also love vacationing with my family, and hunting or fishing on the rare occasion.”
Special Talent: Kevin has never met a problem he couldn’t solve!
Kevin Welch    Kevin Welch

Lee NeSmithLee NeSmith –General Manager

Phone: 706.654.3100
Cell: 770.713.7762
With a quarter of a century’s worth of sales experience to his credit – nearly 20 years of those in the steel building industry – providing excellent customer service comes naturally to Lee. It’s not only what he knows – it’s what he loves and he wouldn’t want to do anything else. He was a natural choice as a founding member of the Renegade Steel team.
[showhide type=”post1″ more_text=”+Read More” less_text=”-Show Less” hidden=”yes”]Professional Philosophy: “I believe the formula for success is directly related to honesty, integrity, and treating people the way they should be treated.”
What I Like Most About Renegade Steel: “I really enjoy meeting and talking to new people, so I like the fact that this is a customer-focused company that finds new ways to go the extra mile. Plus, the Renegade team is more like a close-knit family than co-workers – we work very well together.”
Pet Peeves: Disorganization; Clutter – “I’m a clean freak!”
Favorite Things: “I love spending time with my family, especially my kids and grandbaby. We take a family vacation to the beach at St. Augustine together every year. I also really love snow skiing and Mexican food.”
Special Talent: “I believe that I have a unique skill for connecting with people – I really enjoy using that ability to work with our youth and college students at my church.”
Lee NeSmith[/showhide]

John KivettJohn Kivett –Controller/Operations Manager

Phone: 706.654.3100
John got his first taste of leadership as Team Captain of Furman University’s football team, the Paladins. After graduating in 2006 with a degree in business administration, he entered the steel building industry and found his new niche. He takes his role as Controller and Operations Manager at Renegade Steel very seriously, and no doubt has designs on achieving the title of team MVP.
[showhide type=”post2″ more_text=”+Read More” less_text=”-Show Less” hidden=”yes”]Professional Philosophy: “I am very detail-oriented – down to the penny, and am committed to always doing the right thing. I’m not afraid to tackle the small, mundane tasks that make the bigger tasks easier. With a firm grasp of my personal morals and values, I try to approach everything and everyone with honesty and integrity.”
What I Like Most About Renegade Steel: “There is no tension at the office – everybody gets along and the atmosphere is great. I really appreciate how approachable Kevin is – he truly values our opinions and listens to what we have to say.”
Pet Peeve: ACCOUNTABILITY – “If you make a mistake, you make a mistake. Own up to it and be accountable. We’ll find a solution.”
Favorite Things: “My family – I love spending time with my wife and our two children. We have a good time doing just about anything, especially going to Lake Hartwell and attending Furman football games.”
Claim to Fame: John went to Furman University on a football scholarship and became an All-Conference Offensive Tackle.[/showhide]


Jim CarrollJim Carroll –Sales Representative

Phone: 706.654.3100
Cell: 850.294.4243
After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Economics (Go Noles!), Jim spent 25 years in the service industry – many of those behind the bar of some of the finest establishments in the South (picture Tom Cruise in the movie “Cocktail”). It was there that he developed a signature style in dealing with people – quickly putting them at ease with his approachable nature and laid-back attitude. Jim brings his expertise in customer service, talent for organization, and strong analytical skills to the Renegade Steel team.
[showhide type=”post4″ more_text=”+Read More” less_text=”-Show Less” hidden=”yes”]Professional Philosophy: “I always give 110% to everything I do. I’m passionate about my work – sometimes overly so.”
What I Like Most About Renegade Steel: “I am working with lifelong friends who share an enthusiasm for what we’re doing. We utilize several decades’ worth of combined experience from each of our industries to redefine how to do our job in the best way possible. We’re being given all the tools and making things happen.”
Pet Peeves: Dirty dishes; Empty tank of gas
Favorite Things: “My wife and our little girls. I also love rock music from the ‘80’s, the Great Outdoors, photography, and taking trips to Lake Hartwell and the beach at St. George Island.
Special Talent: Jim is a master mixologist – he can make any cocktail in the book and even concoct a few of his own special creations.
Jim Carroll

Joseph DyeJoseph Dye – Sales Representative

Phone: 706.654.3100
Cell: 404.432.9014
While Joseph’s professional career has taken him down a few different paths in 25 years, he’s valued growing relationships and providing results. From marketing and advertising, to logistics and even full-time ministry as a church pastor…he’s always focused on people’s needs and expectations. Joseph has an entrepreneur’s heart and mind, which makes for a great project manager with Renegade’s clients who are looking for a partner who will walk with them through all the details of pricing, ordering, and delivery of a custom steel building.
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Professional Philosophy: “Integrity is paramount; building trust and confidence is important; treat everyone with courtesy and respect; I don’t know everything but I probably know where to find the answer.”
What I Like Most About Renegade Steel: “From the fist day I stepped foot in the office I knew this company was focused on fulfilling client expectations and making the process enjoyable for everyone involved. There’s no arrogance in this office but an air of humble confidence that Renegade offers the greatest product, price, and opportunity for a buyer to be satisfied…every time!
Pet Peeves: Bad manners; untruthfulness; when things out of my control don’t cooperate.
Favorite Things: “My wife and our family – five kids, one son-in-law, and our grandson, Holden; quiet time each day to read, pray, and focus; UGA BullDawg football and Duke BlueDevil basketball.”
Special Talent: Joseph can juggle just about anything; is famous amoung his friends and family for grilling (wings are his specialty); and still preaches and teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ whenever called upon.


Ricky MyerRicky Myer – Sales Representative

Phone: 706.654.3100
Cell: 770.598.8071
Ricky is the newest member of our Renegade Team, but don’t let that fool you! He comes with over 20 years of sales and customer service experience. Ricky is driven to succeed in the steel industry; his customer-centered service and professionalism will ensure it!
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Professional Philosophy: “It’s all about the customer. If the customer is happy, then I have had a successful day.”
What I Like Most About Renegade Steel: “The family-like atmosphere. Renegade has opened its doors to me more than any other company I have worked for. The leadership team is outstanding. I feel fully supported by every single member of the team.”
Pet Peeves: A dirty kitchen.
Favorite Things: “Fly-fishing. There is nothing in the world I like to do more than fly-fish. I am currently part of the Georgia Fly-Fishing team. The two most important people in my life are my wife Nina, and our son JC.”
Special Talent: “I am a very good cook. I enjoy cooking for my family. Did I mention I’m and excellent fly-fisherman?”


James WelchJames Welch – Sales Representative

Phone: 706.654.3100
Cell: 850.766.9684
James has had quite a diversified career. He started out early in his professional life with 5 years in the car business where he initially learned his customer service skills. He owned his own automotive painting business for 20 years. personally developing his customer base and fleet accounts with very high end European car dealers, and achieving a solid reputation in the community as simply the “best there is.” James then moved into the corporate world and spent 6 years as a highly successful area manager, overseeing retail shops in 2 states for a national company in the quick lube and automotive repair industry. Here he fine tuned his managerial skills while also honing his customer service skills. James brings to the Renegade Team and finely tuned customer service skill set, a never quit and all things are possible attitude, and a strong desire to genuinely meet and satisfy the needs of every customer.
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Professional Philosophy: “I believe with a positive attitude and strong work ethic any and everything is possible. I also believe in a high moral and ethical standard; which may not bee the easiest path to take, but it’s always the correct path to travel.”
What I Like Most About Renegade Steel: “Renegade Steel is a family! Some of us are related and some of us have known each other for decades, but we all interact with and respect each other as a family unit. There is competition between us, but also an immense support for each other to succeed in meeting our customer’s needs and growing our customer base. Everyone here realizes that Renegade Steel is only as great as it’s weakest member, and everyone supports each other to become better individually and as a whole. Never before have I witnessed a work environment quite like Renegade”
Pet Peeves: Tardiness, Dishonesty, and the inability to listen!
Favorite Things: “My wife and I are blessed with a beautiful daughter, inside and out! I love experiencing the world all over again through her. She is my absolute favorite fishing and hunting partner (she has bested me plenty of times), and there is no one I’d rather watch FSU football with! She has a giant heart (like her mother), a gentle soul, empathy and compassion for those less fortunate, and she is very intuitive beyond her years. I am very proud to be her Daddy!”
Special Talent: James is an avid saltwater fly fisherman who has caught everything from trout and redfish, to snook and tarpon on fly. He also knows his way around a kitchen.

Korey WunderlinKorey Wunderlin – Sales Representative

Phone: 706.654.3100
Cell: 770.241.2891
Korey has over a decade of experience in sales and management in his professional career. He has found that the steel building industry is a great home for him because he is an expert in logistics and customer service. He truly enjoys “hitting a home run” for his customers! Korey, as well as the whole Renegade team are there for you from start to finish.
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Professional Philosophy: “I am all about hard work and dedication. Do unto others and you would want them to do unto you!”
What I Like Most About Renegade Steel: “I have to say, the ownership and employees at Renegade Steel are more like family than anything else. Honor and integrity set the bar for this crew.”
Pet Peeves: “Slackers. I don’t like anything to be half-way done.”
Favorite Things: “My wife, my motorcycle, music, and just about any construction project I can get my hands on.”
Special Talent: “I am a people person, so I guess I have a special way of getting through to people. When I say “I’m here to help” I really mean it, whether its personally or career related.”


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