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Through less funding and ever increasing responsibilities, schools today commonly face the difficulty of housing more and more students while working within a fixed budget. Many schools are even forced to cut costs because funds are needed elsewhere. A great deal of factors must be considered before choosing a building type that will work well within a budget while simultaneously providing a high quality and all the necessary features.

As a school administrator, you may be forced to work with overcrowded classrooms, while feeling the pressure to take on a larger and larger student body. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common occurrence in many areas across America. It’s also why more and more schools are choosing to use steel in their next building project.

The Advantages of Steel

Pre-engineered steel school buildings are only a fraction of the cost to build when compared to traditional building types such as wood or stone. Developed by seasoned steel building designers before the construction even beings, a prefabricated building kit results in a snappy, uncomplicated assembly with lower labor costs involved. This alone is a major reason schools choose steel buildings rather than traditional building materials.

Whether it be a classroom, gymnasium, auditorium, office, storage or new cafeteria – the steel allows for any variety of applications. With it’s strength and durability it can create clear span ceilings necessary for a wide open floor plan, like with a gym. Building with steel also offers incredibly flexible and adaptable layouts that can be used for nearly any unique feature or specification required.

Renegade Steel buildings are easier to maintain and reduce upkeep expenses to a minimum, far more than any traditional building material ever could. Built to withstand the test of time, a steel building gives a level of protection that isn’t found anywhere else. Safer from fire, heavy winds, hail, snow damage and termite infestation – steel is a choice that’s safer for everyone and capable of lasting a long long lifetime.

Further Reasons To Use Steel

If there are any plans for future growth in your school, you’ll be interested to know that our steel buildings can be prefabricated to easily allow for a swift expansion when the right time comes along. Expanding a steel building is far easier than expanding on other building types, adding to the long list of reasons to choose Renegade Steel in both the short and long term.

The last important factor to consider when purchasing a steel building is appearance. Schools require a professional and respectable appeal that can easily be attained with a pre-engineered building kit. Our steel building designers will work with you to achieve the precise appearance necessary with your school.

The Breakdown

Here’s the recap on why you should choose Renegade Steel to construct your next steel school building project:

  • Steel Buildings are customizable in appearance
  • They can be used for virtually any facility
  • They’re Low-Maintenance
  • Fire and Termite Resistant
  • Fast construction and assembly
  • Cheaper and more reliable than other traditional buildings
  • They’re built with future expansion in mind
  • They are stronger and more durable than wood-framed buildings
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