Steel Manufacturing Buildings

Steel Manufacturing BuildingsA manufacturing facility built from traditional building materials is likely going to require a fair amount of expense and even further maintenance upkeep once constructed. A Renegade Steel Manufacturing building offers low overhead costs and upkeep, an ample workspace and the prefabricated ability to expand your facility right along with your expanding business.

Pre-engineered steel manufacturing buildings are designed and built with the most cutting edge technology and high quality steel available on the market. Our buildings are predetermined by seasoned steel building designers to achieve maximum functionality and minimal waste before the construction process even beings, paving the way for a much faster and uncomplicated assembly.

Why Steel Works For You

As with the manufacturing business and any industry, time is money. The time spent during construction cuts directly into the time left waiting to capitalize on the new facility. A pre-engineered steel building significantly reduces the time spent on construction, further reducing any labor costs involved.

In addition to the speedy delivery, the time and expense spent for on-going maintenance and upkeep involved with steel buildings is greatly lowered compared to traditional building materials. The durability of steel also provides a level of protection that other building types simply can’t compete with. Renegade Steel buildings are more protected from fire, snow, hail, heavy winds and termite infestation – guarding you from potential repairs and unnecessary costs throughout the (very) long lifetime of your new facility.

Steel allows an industriously spacious floor plan and layout, providing plenty of space for the kind of functionality ideal for a manufacturing facility. Our 100% structural steel I-Beams are strong enough for clear span ceilings without inconvenient support columns or beams. Similarly, steel buildings can be built around any specialized space requirements and have the prefabricated ability to expand for just a fraction of the price that it would cost to expand traditional buildings.

The Bottom Line

A Renegade Steel building is the perfect option for any manufacturing facility. The low construction costs, minimal build time, flexibility, customizability and durability fits right easily with the bottom line that many business owners and investors are working along. Protect your machinery and your investments by choosing a pre-engineered steel building.

The Breakdown

For a recap on why steel buildings should be your #1 choice when purchasing your next steel manufacturing facility, here’s the breakdown:

  • Steel Buildings are long-lasting
  • They can be used for virtually any facility
  • They’re Low-Maintenance
  • Fire and Termite Resistant
  • Fast construction and assembly
  • Cheaper and more reliable than other traditional buildings
  • They’re built with future expansion in mind
  • They are stronger and more durable than wood-framed buildings
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