Retail Steel Building

Whether your retail operation is revolves around auto-parts, specialty, department stores, etc; there are several factors that need to be assessed before opening a new location. First, the right location has to be chosen based on the surrounding area, amount of traffic and many other factors. Second, the building type is chosen based on budgetary needs, space requirements and customizable options. Renegade Steel’s prefabricated steel buildings offer the perfect solution to any retail store. Our Steel Retail Buildings are very adaptable and will fit right along with nearly any variety of location requirements and the retail specialty needs of just about any retail operation.

While retail sales can be a very competitive and fast moving market to enter into, a pre-engineered steel building fits the mold perfectly. Due to the practiced efforts of our experienced steel building designers, there’s much less time and money involved in construction and capitalizing on your new retail location will happen much sooner than if you chose traditional construction methods.

The Steel Aesthetic Appeal

Another important factor in successfully opening a retail location is a clean, attractive appearance. In order to attain that delicate balance of aesthetic and professional image, a strong curb appeal is a necessity. With a Renegade Steel Retail Building, you’ll have several color options and accessories, and our building designers will work with you to deliver the precise customer-oriented appearance you want with meticulous attention to detail.

While appeal plays an important factor in the retail industry, so does security and functionality. In addition to providing a cheaper, faster, uncomplicated and attractive assembly, steel retail buildings are safer from a greater number of environmental dangers such as fire, snow damage, hail, heavy winds and termite infestation.

Often times there are fixed space requirements or a unique store layout that are a necessity depending on the retail industry involved. The strength of steel provides clear span ceilings that can provide a graciously spacious floor plan that traditional building materials simply can’t duplicate without the help of inconvenient supporting columns placed throughout the layout.

The benefit of a Renegade Steel Retail Building extends far beyond the short-term as well by lowering maintenance costs and making any future expansion as simple and swift as only a pre-engineered building could provide. Steel buildings can accomplish this with a fraction of the cost of tradition building methods such as wood or stone.

The Breakdown

For a recap on why steel buildings should be your #1 choice when purchasing your next steel retail building, here’s the breakdown:

  • Steel Buildings are long-lasting
  • They can be used for virtually any facility
  • They’re Low-Maintenance
  • Fire and Termite Resistant
  • Fast construction and assembly
  • Cheaper and more reliable than other traditional buildings
  • They’re built with future expansion in mind
  • They are stronger and more durable than wood-framed buildings
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