Why Churches Choose Steel Buildings

From the ever-growing needs of our communities, churches often find themselves in need of expansion or a new building due to growth. They might find themselves behind when trying to accommodate their churches rapidly growing needs. This makes it critical to complete construction projects quickly and religious organizations all over America are quickly realizing that prefabricated steel buildings are easily expandable and constructed within a fraction of the time that other, more traditional buildings require.

A large amount of churches have budgetary constraints that can make their building project a challenge. Renegade Steel buildings are ready-made by design to lower labor costs during construction. The steel studs and beams are pre-drilled for phone and cable wires and are much much more cost effective in long-term maintenance than other building materials. Hardened against splitting, cracking, warping, molds, moisture and termites; steel has an unsurpassed strength and durability that will provide for your congregation in many years to come.

Keep God’s world beautiful! Lighter than other framing materials, you’ll get consistent quality with less scrap and waste. There’s only an average of 2% waste when building with steel compared to the stunning 20% uneconomical waste when using lumber. Steel can be recycled again and again, making quality pre-engineered steel buildings an earth friendly, low-cost method to build your church facility.

When thinking of steel buildings, you may not picture a beautiful place. This is far from the truth. Aesthetically pleasing, our buildings allow for higher ceilings and more windows for wide spacious expanses of sun-filled light for your congregation to worship within. Using steel allows for the removal of interior walls commonly needed with wood beams to be load bearing walls. Encapsulate your faith in captivating surroundings!

Keep your congregation safe.

Made from nothing but the highest quality and strength, our buildings also provide superior safety. Steel buildings have the best track record for better withstanding earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes. If your church is looking to build a new sanctuary, recreation center or administrative offices, we can design the perfect steel building to meet your needs.

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