Build the Riding Arena With Your Equestrian Needs

Steel Equestrian Arena

Many experienced horse enthusiasts know that riding isn’t just a pleasurable pastime, but a way of life. Your animal is a beloved part of the family and keeping your horse in a safe and comfortable environment is a top priority.

Why use steel for your arena versus wood?

Our steel buildings provide safer conditions whether you’re jumping, roping, barrel racing or just want to turn your horse out. Using steel allows for higher ceilings and wide open spaces, providing a level of comfort for both horse and rider. Companies that construct wooden arenas often times use treated or painted wood to withstand weather, fire and pests. If your animal likes to chew or “crib”, this can be especially dangerous. Wood treated with these chemicals can be dangerous for your horse to consume and in certain conditions can even give off harmful vapors. An area built from steel takes that potential danger out of the equation and gives your horse a safer place to stay.

Our buildings not only provide more security, but they’re easy to maintain and are aesthetically pleasing. You won’t have to worry about long-term upkeep and our buildings are able to withstand the test of time and elements. Prefabricated to keep heavy winds, hail, fire and snow at bay, you’ll have a steadfast structure that can operate 12 months out of the year in comfort. Steel arenas are free from pests such as termites and wood borers, saving even further maintenance costs in treatments and potential repairs.

Our steel building designers can customize your arena to accommodate all of your equestrian requirements and desires such as stalls, hay storage, feed and tack rooms and offices. Our practiced designs skillfully unite a charming aesthetic with industrious functionality. We offer many color options and accessories for you to fashion the building to your preferences and unique taste. Our steel arenas are tailor-engineered to provide both a maximum amount of space and a superiorly functional layout. Whether you need an arena that’s audaciously sizable or pleasantly compact, Renegade Steel exceeds beyond all others by delivering the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality steel no matter the project.

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